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Motril municipal workers have threatened to go on strike during Semana Santa, starting on the 30th of this month.

Workers unions, UGT, CCOO, CSIF, CGT and OFhave called on workers belonging to all municipal services to back the strike, as they considered negotiations for better conditions to have become stalled. Therefore if an accord is not reached beforehand, all municipal services, from maintenance & cleaning to those working inside the Town Hall will down tools. However, this will not affect the Policía Local or the fire service.

According to the unions, the Town Hall’s Municipal Adjustment Planhas eliminated one in three job positions and has kept in limbo municipal workers rights. Last June, collective negotiations started that should have returned the municipal workers’ rights that had been suspended, thus improving the services provided for the residence of Motril.

This is not the first time that strike action has been threatened, as last summer and at Christmas, the workers union considered calling a strike but did not go ahead “out of a sense of responsibility.

The whole thing goes back to 2012 when the Adjustment Plan was approved by the People’s Party. Thanks to their efforts, the unions claim, the municipal coffers reached a healthy state but working conditions have not returned to how they were before.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalusia – Photo: Grenada Today)

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