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The inhabitants of Motril had a nasty surprise yesterday because there was no water to be had coming out of their taps in many areas of the town.

So, why was there no water? Because too much of it had fallen out of the sky, apparently.

The area water company, Water and Serviceshad pulled up their sleeves and were working flat out from noon for most of the day to restore the water supply.

“As a consequence of the torrential rain on Friday, there was a breakdown in the drinking water supply in our town,” explained the Mayor of Motril, Luisa García Chamorro, adding, “within two or three hours we expect to get it back,” .

Speaking to one resident in the west of the municipality, she said that it came back, but not full flow, about 18.30h yesterday evening, in her area at least.  Some other areas such as Wide street and the cemetery area didn’t get it back until around 21.30h.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalusia)

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