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A block of flats, housing many business premises on its floors, was hit by burglars in the early hours of yesterday morning. The building is on Plaza de La Aurora in the town centre of Motril.

The building, with three floors of offices, was targeted not long after midnight. The victims reported the break-ins that same morning, upon finding the place of work raided by thieves.

Workers and cleaners, in some cases, found the lock drums drilled out or the doors smashed open. Not all the offices were raided, however, as their security measures had kept the thieves out or seemingly had not been deemed worth the effort by the burglars.

In all, eight offices were raided; those that did not have burglar alarms fitted. The burglars did force entry into one office that did have an alarm, however, and the CCTV captured images of the hooded thieves

Officers belonging to the Policia Nacional set about taking prints whilst the office employees oversaw the locks being changed.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalusia – Photo: Google Street View)

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