Motril Keeps Xmas Lights Lit

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Motril Town Hall decided that it will maintain its Christmas-lights decorations lit until yesterday, the 12th, i.e., a week longer than usual.

It justifies this decision by saying that it is a measure of support for the shopping and hostelry sector. They reached this decision after consulting with the Chamber of Commerce and the Merchants Associationboth of which have welcomed the move.

The lights, however, were only kept on during normal shopping hours, rather than into the early morning. Although Christmas is over, the January sales are upon us.

The Councillor for Commerce, Susana Peña, said, “it’s about making a gesture towards two sectors that have had a hard time over recent years, so we should try and make it easier for them.”

She also pointed out that Motril is not the only municipality that has done this, citing as an example Vigo (Galicia). She concluded by saying that the Christmas campaign has been a great success.

Editorial comment: what happened to the nationwide “save energy” campaigns; maximum heating temperatures/aircon cooling limits in public buildings and private business premises?

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalusia)

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