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This is the third article we have done on the fairground accident that took place last Saturday involving a 12-year-old being injured.

Why this accident has turned controversial is because of a missing, written permit for the attractions to set up. We don’t mean that it’s missing in the sense it is lost, but rather that it never officially existed.

When the accident happened, the Policía Local inspected the paperwork for the amusement-park machinery and were informed by the owner that the Mayor’s office and the Councillor for Fiestas had given him verbal permission, pending the written one. The police, there and then, said that he should phone the person with whom he had spoken to at the Town Hall to confirm this was the case.

However, the Town Hall shied away from confirming this, probably trying to distance themselves from the accident resulting in the boy being treated in hospital for his injuries – he was allowed to go home the following morning.

All the said attractions on Avenida Norman Bethunethe were closed down following the accident, with the Town Hall claiming that it was for safety reasons whilst the fairground attractions were checked out, whereas in reality the Policía Local had closed then down because the travelling fairground attractions didn’t have an operating permit

Consequently, the municipal-police union, SIPLG Motril lodged a complaint against the Town Hall for failing to issue a written permit to the fairground-attractions company.

The Town Hall would perhaps squirm out of it, if they could, because of the proximity of the elections later this month, but the fact is that these travelling fairground attractions were included in the Town-Hall publicity for the fiestas; something that the police pointed out, which would make nonsense of the Town Hall claiming that they knew nothing about this this company wishing to set up, if they tried.

Something to be taken into consideration is that the municipal police force is far from happy with the Mayor over work conditions. Readers might remember what happened over easter and the Minionscardboard-cutout protest.

The normal procedure is for a travelling fairground association to request permission to set up from a Town Hall, which is what they did. In addition to the verbal permission the Mayor’s office should issue a decree for a municipal inspector to examine the apparatus for safety reasons, checking all the safety paperwork and then to allocated the spot on which to mount the attractions. This documental procedure was not carried out by the Town Hall.

Then came Saturday, the accident and a child thrown clear of the fairground swings causing a fractured leg and pelvis.

The Fairmen’s Association explained that the 15 attractions and six food-stalls were closed down until the penultimate night of the fiestas, which concluded Wednesday night.

They had made a request for permission on the 23rd of February via the Town Hall Registry, registering the name of the fairground installations. They say that they afterwards they contacted the Town Hall on several occasions (Department of Fiestas and the Department of Urban Development) to chase up the paperwork but to no avail, they say. They even physically went round to the Town Hall, where they were told that urbanism had to issue the permit to set up but Fiestas would have to issue one to actually use it.

According to the association, the Councillor for Urban Development after making  several calls in their presence, told them that the permit had been granted and was on its way. An inspector even examined the apparatus for possible safety issues and to inspect the paperwork.

The association put the whole affair down to a lack of coordination between departments

The Town Hall has said that they could not discuss what had had happened because it was under formal investigation.

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