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The Mayor of Órgiva, Raúl Orellana, has asked the provincial delegate for the Central Government for more Guardia Civil officer to combat the rise in crime.

He told Delegate Inmaculada López that the shortage of police officers is not only bad news for Órgiva but for the Alpujarra in general as the number of Guardia Civil officers stationed in the Órgiva post is insufficient because on some weekends there are only two patrols (each of two officers) to cover the whole of The Alpujarra Granada.

Mayor Orellana went on to say that Órgiva is working on ceding a large plot of land to the Ministry of Interior on which a new police station (barracks) could be built to house the number of officers that the Alpujarra needs.

He concluded in his letter to the Provincial Delegate saying that there have been several instances when officers have arrived at the scene of a crime far to late to do anything, given the fact that they are over stretched.

(News: Orgiva, Alpujarra, Granada, Andalusia)

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