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A score of villagers from Sorvilán were out searching yesterday afternoon for a young man who went missing on the 9th of March.

The Mayor of Sorvilán, Pilar Sánchez, explained that the 27-year-old, North-African man had not returned home after work. All indications are that he did not disappear of his own free will; i.e., he didn’t just decide to leave.

She had words of praise for the Guardia Civil who joined the search party, which was carried out in the Nice beach area, and said that the Town Hall had used its social-media accounts to say that if somebody had seen him to please get in contact with the Guardia Civil.

Associations such as Solidarity Civil Guards and Volunteering for Civil Protection and Emergencies in Granada have also used their webpages and social media accounts to spread the word.

Both of these associations were very active during the search for the Nígüelas man, Iván Montiel, whose body was sadly discovered in Durcal River

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