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A Frenchman, who led a solitary life in Maro, was the owner of around a dozen Belgian Shepherd dogs, until the Nerja Policía Local came to confiscate them.

There is very little information available but what is certain is that after loosing his ‘companion animals’ as the Spanish say, meaning pets, he took his own life.

Apparently, the police had received a complaint (complaint) from a neighbour saying that one or more of the dogs had been seen by themselves near a roundabout and could cause an accident.

From what we can gather at the Seaside Gazettethe police turned up to take the animals away, but not in conjunction with an animal refuge association to take custody of the dogs, which is highly unusual, if it were the case.

During their first visit, they took six or seven away but four escaped. When they returned to confiscate the rest, they found that the owner had hanged himself

However, this has to be confirmed but at least one such association confirms that they had not been contacted by the Policía Local.

This evening there is a memorial service for the man, as there is quite a lot of discontent over this affair. In fact, an opposition party has been critical of the police action. The ruling party, on the other hand has accused them of using this sad situation as a political club with which to attack them.

The facts, that we can be reasonably sure of are that this man, who lives by himself, had his only companions taken from him and consequently he hanged himself. Furthermore, many of his neighbours deny that the dogs were conflictive but rather well trained.

What is unusual is that other than social media, the Málaga provincial press has not taken this story up.

Editorial comment: we would appreciate any additional information or corrections, she our readers have any. We shall be updating this article as more information is available.

Update: having phoned the Policía Local at 17.30h about the affair they said that they could not give me an information and when I persisted, asking whether there had been a denuncia, they hung up.

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