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Salobreña Town Hall presented their new hiking route, ‘Lobres gran circular,’ which combines archaeology and nature, they say.

The route takes you up into the mountains behind lobres over a circular route of 14 kilometres, which is divided into four parts: the part where you start of smiling, the part where you stop smiling, the party where you begin to limp and finally the part where you give up hope and crawl off into the undergrowth to perish in private.

I am, of course kidding because the real four parts can be done separately, so you don’t have to do the whole 14 kilometres, if you don’t want to.

The first part takes you along the river to the Captain’s Cavewith its prehistoric signs of occupation.

The second part takes you up to the mirador (lookout point) where you can see the whole of The Tagus of the Fords (the Guadalfeo River canyon).

The third part takes you again along mountain tracks and the area of the Palmares and the last part brings you back down with spectacular views of Salobreña, Lobres and the vega as you descend.

According to the Councillor for the Environment, Ángela Rodríguez, it is a route that apart from a walk through this natural environment also takes you to archaeological remains within the municipality belonging to the coastal Neolithic period and the Algar Culture. She also explained that each part would have signboards with information on the history, flora and fauna the area.

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