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Now, when you only have 335 inhabitants in your village, everybody knows everybody, unless there are local elections it seems, in Lentegí, at least.

Have a look at these elections results for Lentegí, where there are seven councillor seats to go round.

UA: 4 Seats, 144 Votes (55.38%)
PSOE-A: 3 Seats, 108 votes, (41.53%)
VOX: 0 Seats, 4 Votes (1.53%)
PP: 0 Seats, 2 Votes (0.76%)

Notice anything strange? Well, we’ll tell you. If there are seven councillor seats, each party vying in the elections puts forward seven names + two (in case somebody drops out) with the name at the top being the candidate for Mayor. Still nothing?

Only four people voted for the Vox candidates, which means that five on their list didn’t even vote for themselves. It’s the same for the PP, but worse, because they only received two votes, meaning that even more people on the list didn’t vote for their own party.

Amazing, but the reason is simple. Nobody knows the people on the list… everybody knows everybody in a village that size! So, it appears that political parties, rather than simply not bothering to campaign in a village, they put somebody’s name forward who doesn’t even live there, it appears.

Here are the Vox candidates

1. Juan Manuel Garrido Checa
2. Ana Isabel Gómez Del Peral
3. Angel Javier Juarez Quiles
4. Maximo Eugenio Celorrio Moreno
5. Miguel Arroyo Jimena
6. Oscar Manuel Garrido Ruiz
7. Rafael Juarez Alabarce

The Vox candidate for Mayor in Lentegí is Juan Manuel Garrido Czech, therefore, but according to him facebook page, he lives in Almuñécar. His name was announced along with the other 86 vox candidates for mayor across the province on the 1st of May, so what gives?

Frankly, it is reminiscent of the top Vox politician in the national parliament that ‘lived in Salobreña’ in order to run as an Andalusia MP. Sr. Garrido did post a video saying that he had moved to Lentegí “a couple of years ago,” so perhaps he hadn’t updated his facebook page, which is strange for somebody running for Mayor…

The PPas we pointed out, only received two votes! Their complete list for the party in Lentegí was:

1. Daniel Caro Martin
2. Veronica Martinez Martin
3. Lorena Mansilla Mansilla
4. Manuel Correa Ortega
5. Francisco Manuel Caballero Montes
6. Trinidad Gomez Alcaraz
7. Alejandro Garcia Alabarces

Now, bear in mind, a couple of residents in the village, who had nothing to do with the candidates above, might have supplied those two votes, so it is possible that not one person on that list voted for Daniel Caro Martín for Mayor. By the way, the only Daniel Caro Martin that we can find, is a student studying at Granada University.

So, we hear of politicians complaining that people aren’t turning up to vote, well, Lentegí is a perfect case where even politicians don’t.

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