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The public health authorities in Spain have issued an alert concerning cholesterol pills to bring down LDL levels.

The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS)has ordered the withdrawal of a batch of Rosuvastatina Cinfa 20mg 28 pills/capsules, batch nº BT2109 with a use by date of 31/01/2025, and batch nº BT2286, with a use by date of 31/01/2025.

The reason being that they have discovered impurities within their contents. However, they have pointed out that this defect does not mean that there is a serious danger to the health of a patient. You might grow another head under your armpit, but nothing serious – just joking!

Rosuvastatina is prescribed to people with a high level of LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) which accumulates in arteries causing vascular obstructions.

This week, the AEMPS has also ordered the withdrawal of a thyroid drug, alone produced by CLAIMfor the same reason. The details are as follows:

* Solsint, 25mg, 30 doses (NR: 85617, CN: 729906) Batch/Nº: 220657, use by 31/12/2023.
* Solsint, 50mg, 30 doses (NR: 85618, CN: 729908) Batch/Nº: 220752, use by 31/01/2024.
* Solsint, 100mg, 30 doses (NR: 85609, CN: 729889) Batch/Nº: 220658, use by 31/12/2023.
* Solsint, 125mg, 30 doses (NR: 85611, CN: 729893) Batch/Nº: 220753, use by 31/01/2024.
* Solsint, 137mg, 30 doses (NR: 85612, CN: 729895) Batch/Nº: 220755, use by 31/01/2024.
* Solsint, 175mg, 30 doses (NR: 85615, CN: 729901) Batch/Nº: 220662, use by 31/12/2023.

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