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The two municipal dependencies of Salobreña, La Caleta-La Guardia have organized activities over Christmas.

Starting on the 4th, there will be a band-led parade and  inflatable dolls for kiddies (not for daddies).

The following week, on the 9th, there will be a special, tea part for the inmates at the home for the elderly and then on Saturday there will be a day fairstarting at 13.30h with music and fun for adults and children.

And then there’s Christmas Fair with stalls with handicraft items and workshops for activities, Next, on the 17th the big event is The Gringowhere children can learn magical skills, explained the councillor for the dependencies, Ignacio Trujillo.

After the New Year there will be a chocolate milk (no translation needed for chocolate junkies) followed on the 5th with a “magical train ride,” with the day ending at the Casa de La Cultura at 19.30h… if you’re lucky!

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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