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In July of last year, after a meeting between Councilor Francisco Fernández and members of the Amigos del Mar, a motion was registered at the Town hall with the following points:

* Limit access to private jet skis in all municipally owned boat slipways, setting a schedule from 09.00h to 13.00h and creating a fee for this purpose.

* Respect existing jet-ski rental facilities without allowing new facilities or expansion of existing ones, unless it is with silent ones

* Eliminate all mention of jet skis in advertising withinTown Council and Municipal Tourist Board literature.

* Instruct the Policia Local to periodically monitor the noise level, as is done in other types of recreational activities

* Urge the relevant authorities to increase surveillance on our coasts

United for the People is pleased to report that some of these points have been approved, especially the limited times that jet-skis can operate, which both residents and friends of the sea had said were sorely needed.

This political group expressed its thanks to friends of friends of the sea for their efforts to improve this situation.

They also thanked the Town Council for taking onboard some of the points, and they hope that all of the points will be implemented and imposed throughout this summer, so that relative peace on beaches and for those that live nearby can be possible.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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