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A resident of Nigüelas came across the body of a man yesterday, floating in the river that goes through the municipality

After receiving the news around 13.30h, officers belonging to seprona (Guardia Civil) immediately went to the spot, which is in an area known as Higueralto recover the body.

The body was found half submerged in the part of Durcal River between the iron bridge (tin bridge) and the A-44 motorway bridge. It was found by a man working on his land nearby.

From the first police thought that the body belonged to Iván because the clothes matched the description given of the ones that he was wearing when he left home on the morning of the 20th.

The family also has confirmed that the body belongs to Iván Montiel, who disappeared 14 days ago.

The Solidarity Civil Guards AGCS posted a comment on Twitter: “We send a lot of strength to the thousands of people from Spain, the United States and other parts of the world who have given everything to help locate Iván, you are great, very great.”

(News: Nigüelas, Lecrin Valley, Granada, Andalusia)

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