IVA Eliminated on Some Items

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The Central Government has decided to eliminated IVA on basic foodstuff starting from the 1st of January.

This is one of the items within its package of anti-inflation measures. As the PM pointed out, all those products considered of prime necessity will be sold without IVA – until now, they had 4% on them.

Some of the things are: eggs, milk, cheese, fruit, pulses, bread, flour fom bread making (as opposed to pastry), vegetables, cereals and root & tuber vegetable. (potatoes, carrots, etc.)

This elimination of IVA on the above products will have a duration of at least six months before the situation is revised again; i.e., the 30th of June.

Furthermore, the Government has also reduced the IVA on pasta and oil from 10% to just 5%.

(News: Spain)

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