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A new year and a new batch of vehicles reach the date for their ITV inspection. You might not get a reminder like before, just a 200-euro fine if you miss it.

This is about the first ITV for a new car, which is after four years. However, it’s different for some vehicles, especially if they are used for public transport or road haulage. Mopeds, have their first check three years after their matriculation is obtained.

Of course, you can always look at your car docs, Circulation Permit; you count four years from the day that it was matriculated.

As mentioned above, in Andalucia the company that runs the ITV stations (CATTLE PART) no longer informs you by snail mail when your ITV is due. They will send you an SMS or an email, if they have those contact details. Best, then, to check that they do.

So, if your car has the following letters on its number plate, you have to get it done in January: KSS, KST, KSV, KSW, KSX, KSY, KSZ, KTB, KTC, KTD, KTF, KTG, KTH and KTJ

Other months and the corresponding registration letters

* February: from KTJ to KVB
* March: from KVB to KVX
* April: from KVX to KWT
* May: from KWT to KXR
* June: from KXR to KYN
* July: from KYN to KZK
* August: from KZK to KZY
* September: from KZY to LBN
* October: from LBN to LCG
* November: from LCG to LCY
* December: from LCY to LDR

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