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Inspectors found food well past its use-by-date and kitchens in unhealthy conditions when they visited ten of twelve eating places on Calle Elvira in Granada.

The ten eating establishments were six Chinese restaurants and four fast-food shawarmas and many of them have been closed down and told to bring the establishment to within hygiene standards.

The operation to examine 12 establishments was carried out by the Policía Local accompanied by health inspectors, beginning around nine o’clock on Saturday night and didn’t conclude until approximately four in the morning.

The police ended up confiscating 2,980 kilos of food not fit for human consumption. They also came across kitchens, storage, and refrigerators in unhygienic conditions owing to a lack of cleanliness.

One shawarma had small defects to rectify and one cafe-bar received a clean bill of health. Those establishments that were immediately closed down can only open again once they have met the necessary health standards.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: Ideal)

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