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Sometimes local administrations seem to go out of their way to put things in your way, which is definitely the case in Carchuna-Calahonda.

Somebody has placed a phone post slap in the middle of a road in an urbanizacion on a street called Palimocho Street and it’s been there for a fortnight. The locals are not pleased and have complained to an opposition political party, the PSOE – much to the party’s joy.

The party’s Spokesman, Juan Alberto Ferrer, regrets the laxity shown by the local administration, which is a semi-independent entity belonging to Motril.

“They carry out some work and leave a complete botch job in the middle, without shutting off the street,” he said, adding, “the cables are sagging because they haven’t been tensed and if the post falls because somebody bumps into it with their vehicle, it could have dramatic consequences.”

It seems that recently the area has undergone some infrastructural work, which has created new streets. In this case the roadwork corresponds to the first phase of renovation work on La Chucha Urbanization.

Silence reigns in the municipal offices where the First Councillor lurks!

(News: Carchuna/Calahonda, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia – Photo & Source: Pilar García-Trevijano)

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