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The following contains an email response from the Guardia Civil when asked to whom one should report cases of spamming, phishing, etc.

One of our readers received a whatsapp that could create a lot of concern for parents and sent it to us to find out how you should go about reporting it to the police, so, we sent the following email to the Guardia Civil in Spanish:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Good morning, we are an English-language, newspaper in online & print format. We receive complaints about whatsapps in various languages with this content:

“hi dad my phone is broken. I have a temporary number. I cannot call. Well, send a Whatsapp message through the number”

Readers would like to know how to go about reporting it.

Martin Hugh Myall
The Seaside Gazette

We promptly received the following in response:

Dear Sir/Madam:

If you wish to communicate an emergency or require immediate police presence, you must call our emergency telephone number 062 or, if you prefer, the generic emergency telephone number 112, so that your case can be assessed by professionals and the appropriate emergency services are activated.

If you are providing any information about criminal acts, it will be forwarded to our competent department to be processed and investigated if necessary, so we appreciate the collaboration that the citizen can provide.

In the case of a query about general information, related to the identification, purposes, competence, structure, operation and location of Guardia Civil units, and legal or technical requirements of requests or procedures, processing of procedures, public services and services under the jurisdiction of the Guardia Civil, to your request you must attach your “name and surname or name or company name, as appropriate, which appear in the National Identity Document or equivalent identification document”, in order to comply with the legal obligation of the public administrations to verify the identity of the interested party.

If you wish to start an administrative procedure, we suggest that you send the documentation through the electronic headquarters of the Civil Guard or through the Sara network, if you want more information regarding the presentation of an administrative procedure, you can obtain it in the following link.

If you consider yourself to be a victim or victim of a crime, we indicate that you can also file a complaint, depending on the police demarcation where you reside, at a Guardia Civil Post, a National Police Station, or regional police stations or in the investigative court on duty to which the judicial district that includes the town in which he resides corresponds.

In the case of filing a complaint in a Guardia Civil post, we inform you that a system that allows the telematic reservation of the day and time in “citizen safety complaints” and other non-urgent procedures is being implemented as a pilot experience in several command posts. according to the conditions detailed in the computer application and which can be accessed through the following link.

The complaint, in accordance with our Criminal Procedure Law, articles 265 and 266, requires the appearance of the complainant or his legal representative in a court or police center, where he must prove his identity, for which reason those sent by email do not have a formal complaint value and the data is treated exclusively for informative purposes. Likewise, any complaint gives rise to a judicial procedure in which you may be summoned to declare and make the claims that the law provides. In the event that it refers to a complaint of an administrative nature, it must be identified in accordance with the provisions of Law 39/2015 of the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations.


Summary: you have to make a formal complaint (una denuncia) which could entail your appearing in court as the plaintiff. There is no quick, anonymous form of reporting phishing, it appears – sorry!

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