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Guardia Civil, police operation, Gabpintor, has brought about the arrest of a house painter suspected of stealling jewellery from houses.

Two incident involving theft were under investigation; one in the centre of Granada and the other in Las Gabias, which is probably where they got the strange name for the police operation from Ga[bias]+painter.

The common factor in both cases was that the painter had done work in both dwellings no long before jewellery and other valuables were reported as missing.

The 37-year-old suspect, who has not criminal record, was thought to have carried out the theft in Las Gabias in November and in the city the previous month, October.

The Guardia Civil consider that he took the opportunity of being alone in the dwelling to search for valuables, including cash, and remove them.

The owner of the Las Gabias flat reported the theft of several gold necklaces that she kept in her bedroom and money from her purse. She told the Guardia Civil that she suspected that the painter, who had recently done some work in her home, was behind their disappearance.

The police soon confirmed her suspicions after discovering that the suspect had used an establishment specialised in purchasing gold and jewels to sell these missing items. The Las Gabias woman immediately identified the recovered items as hers.

The Guardia Civil also discovered that the other valuables that he had sold to the shop (a gold chain and a gold ring) came from the theft carried out in the city of Granada, where he had also done a painting job.

(News: Las Gabias, Vega de Granada, Andalusia)

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