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Motril was invaded this morning with tanks on the beach and landing craft sweeping in through the surf, but it wasn’t the Russians!

These were the Spanish Armed Forces rehearsing, more or less in front of chiringuito Sunhara, for the King’s visit on the 2nd of June.

First came Spanish Marines sliding down ropes from hovering helicopters to ‘secure the LZ (Landing Zone),’ others parachuted down, whilst Harrier jump jets flew overhead.

An MBT (Main Battle Tank) also prowled on the sand… which is why members of the general public cannot use the beach during the multi-day event ending on the 2nd – the prohibition lasts until 23.59h that night, in fact.

In fact, you can’t enter the maritime area of Motril-Torrenueva Costa at all so taking your cabin cruiser or canoe on a visit is out on the 2nd between 12.00h until 21.00h.

There’s a free, shuttle service between the Promenade of the Esplanades and Motril on the 31st and 1st, running from 09.30h until when the ship-visiting hours finish.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia – Photos: Stills from Ideal Video)

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