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The Guardia Civil have arrested six people in Mojácar (Almería), accused of buying votes in these upcoming elections.

According to police investigations, they have orders to arrest a dozen people in all in connection with this election fraud affair involving “one party in particular.”

Amongst those already arrested is one person on this parties candidates list, whilst sources within the body politic of Mojácar point towards the PSOE socialists being the culprits.

This police operation, which began early this morning, is not connected with a similar affair in Spain’s North-African enclave city of Melilla, where the affected party is the Coalición por Melilla.

But that is all, perhaps, nothing, when compared to what happened in Pulianas near Granada

The husband of an ex-candidate for the PP in Pulianas has been arrested, accused of deliberately knocking over the husband of a PSOE politician taking part in these elections on Sunday. He faces charges of attempted murder.

This happened today at 08.00h on a roundabout near Kinépolis when the victim was riding a bicycle. The man has been hospitalised at the traumatology hospital although his life is not in danger… outside the hospital, yes, but not inside.

It appears that the aggressor not only knocked him off his bicycle but also hit him on the head with a large stone, for good measure.

Now, the plot thickens because the wife of the aggressor; a candidate for the PP conservatives, had to withdraw after a plantation of marihuana was found in their house.

The city branch of the PP issued a communiqué stating that they “condemn what has happened in Pulianas and assured that both the husband and the wife now have nothing to do with the party’s candidatures for the elections. Oh and they included a “get better soon” for the victim.

(News: Mojácar, Almeria, Andalucia)

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