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The pilot of the Guardia Civil traffic-surveillance helicopter that crashed near Robledo de Chavela (Madrid) on Sunday is to face charges.

He is under investigation for allegedly contravening air safety regulations and possibly, for leaving the scene of an accident. The camera operator onboard was injured in the crash.

The 60-year-old pilot, Luis V., appeared before a magistrate the next day and was released without bail. He had been arrested not long after the accident in Villanueva del Pardillo, some 30 kilometres away from the crash site. He was found in the house of a relative.

When his DGT officers arrived at the house, they took a statement, and gave thorough alcohol/drugs testing. He gave a negative reading for alcohol but a positive one for drugs (cocaine and methamphetamines). He was immediately arrested.

The accused is officially a fireman but is on detachment since 2019 to the Guardia Civil as a DGT pilot.

As for the accident, it occurred around 13.00h last Sunday and involved an Airbus Helicopter AS355. The pilot was following bikers riding through the green Cross mountain pass when the aircraft went into a spin, rapidly losing height because of the loss of lift generated by the main rotor. The pilot managed to carry out a rough, emergency landing on the mountain side, ending with the helicopter on its side.

The 58-year-old camera operator was injured in the impact. However, after he received first aid by medical personnel, the pilot, visibly agitated walked off without anybody noticing.

At the same time as the court case, the Commission for the Investigation of Accidents and Incidents in Civil Aviation (CIAIAC)will be looking into the cause of the pilot losing control; i.e., a mechanical fault, an adverse weather condition or pilot error, for example.

The DGT employs 23 pilots who operate singularly, accompanied by a camera operator, whereas the Policía Nacional always carry two pilots in their choppers

(News: Madrid)

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