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There are not many bars or restaurants that have been open for over a hundred years, but Garví is one of them.

Situated in the Lecrín Valley in the municipality of Mondújar, this establishment is easily found on the first main junction after the fuel station upon entering from the freeway.

The owner, Paco, says that it first opened in 1902 and has been in the family, generation after generation.

It really has three components: the bar area, a restaurant immediately next door, and a covered terrace across the road, which is the most popular part for most foreigners who want to enjoy sitting in the open air.

They are renowned for their meat foods, although they also cater for other kinds of dishes, but above all their cooking is typical homemademeaning, homemade, traditional. One very popular item is goatling (kid).

Tel: 958 795 009 Email: [email protected]

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