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Fuel prices at gasolineras are set to go up with the arrival of 2023. Saturday is the last day that the discount will be applied.

We’re talking about a 28-centime increase during the first weeks of January, according to the Provincial Association of Service Stations (APES).

The association justifies this increase because of a foreseeable drop on takings at service stations and an increase in fuel-production costs during 2023.

The Chairman of the APES association, Fernando García, says that an end to the Government subsides will affect both drivers and gas stations, if sales drop because of it.

The 28-centime increase is owing to two factors, he explained: the 20 centimes per litre that the Central Government pays and the other eight centimes because they will have to purchase more expensive gasoline and diesel.

The said Chairman also claimed that there could be queues at gas stations because of the amount of fuel in storage at each service station will be less so it is likely to run out quicker and there will be a wait until new supplies arrive.

He ended by saying that the 20 centimes that the Government covered on each litre purchased helped but what is really necessary is for the Central Government to lower IVA on fuels, which stands at 21% at the moment. Such a move would stabilised the price of fuel at the pumps and encourage consumption, he considers.

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