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An Italian restaurant in Madrid was gutted by fire after a small blowtorch was used at a table to flambé a spicy pizza.

This way of preparing a pizza is a speciality at the Rogue Butter Restaurantsituated on the Manuel Becerra Squarebut it went horribly wrong Friday night and resulted in the deaths of two people; a 43-year-old female diner and a 35-year-old, male staff member.

Twelve other people were injured, amongst whom five of them with serious burns and another in the ICU with both extensive burns and damaged lungs from smoke inhalation.

Customers were dining around 23.00h when this mishandling of the specialised lighter-cum-blowtorch set light to artificial plants near the entrance where a table was being served, within seconds the entrance wall was engulfed in flames, with the fire spreading along the ceiling turning the room into a nightmare of flames and dense smoke – diners simply could not find their way out so they all jammed up against the end wall.

It would have been a massacre had there not been a fire station barely 200 metres from the restaurant on Alcala Streetso fire crews were immediately at the scene tackling the fire – in the end there were twelve fire crews present – and within 10 minutes they had the fire out.

(News: Madrid)

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