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Following the rains last week the hillsides weakened by the Los Guájares fires have caused landslides in Pinar (Valle de Lecrín).

Furthermore, in Ízbor some orange orchards and other plantations have also been covered by the debris from mudslides when Izbor River broke its bank on Friday night.

Similar damaged was caused by flashfloods coming down Hundidero Ravine and the Triana ravine.

The consequences have not only been felt on the surface because wells supplying mainswater have also become clogged with mud and debris in El Pinar.

The Mayor, Francisco Titos, has ordered that residents be given bottled water until it can be sorted, whilst over near the N-323 access to Ízbor there was a rockfall

GRA Bottled Water Being DistributedAll told in the affected areas, two hectares now lay partially under mud, badly affecting fruit production.

Junta representatives have appeared to assess the damage…

(News: Lecrin Valley, Granada, Andalusia – Photo Ayunt/Facebook)

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