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Well, no; in this case because the ‘finders’ were most definitely the ‘weepers,’ after finding a package of drugs and caught keeping it.

The Policía Nacional arrested two men in Motril, aged 41 and 42, neither of whom has a criminal record, for allegedly appropriating an abandoned package containing 30 kilos of hashish, which one of them had found on Calahonda beach.

The police from Motril had already found another nine such packages and three, 25 litre, plastic fuel containers, after receiving a call from a beachgoer about packages.

The officers, who had arrived at 14.30h, heard from locals that an individual had got out of a large van and retrieved one of the packages. The police then started searching for the van and located it heading for Almería and waved it down.

In the back they found a large damp spot on the floor that corresponded in size to that of the packages that they had retrieved.

Under questioning the driver confessed to having picked up a package from the beach. He said that he had delivered it to a friend (ex-friend, now, no doubt) for him to hide it.

Finally, the police armed with the name of the accomplice and having ascertained where he lived, turned up at his home in Motril – he had hidden it in a storage room but handed it over to the officers.

They will be charged with an offence against public health. The judge will probably go easy on them, although they will now have a criminal record after they are tried.

(News: Motril/Calahonda, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalusia)

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