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The Rave fiesta that was only to last until the 2nd dragged on six days in the end, with convoys of vans and cars leaving yesterday.

By 11.30h there was no more music and people set about dismantling the stage.

Many partygoers had had to leave their vehicles on the mainroad after the Guardia Civil closed it off, so they had to walk back to their camper vans, loaded down with their tents and sleeping bags, etc.

The Guardia Civil presence will remain until the last straggler has left. Officers had been drafted in from surrounding towns with 75 officers working 8-hour shifts for the duration.

Police investigation discovered that la Peza was not the first choice to hold the rave party as the organisers had first chosen Sorbas in Almeria but when that was ruled out, the Telegram messages began to pass on the info about La Peza.

This didn’t just happen the day before the event but rather some time before because many people who had turned up had come as far away as Italy.

During the course of the fiesta, three people were arrested; two for peddling drugs and the third for public disorder. Despite these arrests, there were no public disturbances, according to the Guardia Civil.

The Mayor, Fernando Álvarez, confirms this pointing out that there were no brawls reported or violent disputes amongst those attending. Also, during the fest the music was stopped two hour for people to go aroun picking up litter.

(News: La Peza, Guadix, Montes Orientales, Granada, Andalusia)

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