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Yesterday morning there was another accident on the A-7 but this time within the municipality of Salobreña and with fatal results.

Seven people were injured to varying degrees and one person lost his life when the minibus/van in which they were travelling turned over after hitting the crash barrier near the Lobres turn off.

This occured around 08:30h and ambulances, the Guardia Civil and a fire truck from the Motril fire station were soon at the scene. Several injured passengers who were trapped inside had to be extracted from the vehicle.

Eight people, three women and five men, were rushed to Santa Ana Hospital in Motril. However, one was declared dead upon arrival.

Two required immediate surgery and placed afterwards in the ICU; one had serious multiple fractures and the other traumatic pneumothorax (lung punctured by fractured ribs).

The other five had less serious fractures, amongst them a minor, which will mean that they will soon be discharged from hospital.

The vehicle occupants are all Morccan and had arrived in Spain on the Algerciras ferry from North Africa and were heading for Valencia.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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