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A paraglider pilot died after crash landing into a storm gulley situated near the AL-3100 in municipality of Pechina in Almería

2016 Incident in same area

The accident occurred shortly before 14.20h yesterday on the road leading up to The Baths of Sierra Alhamillawhich was the time that an eyewitness alerted the 112 emergency-call centre.

The coordinator despatched the Guardia Civil, an ambulance, the Policía Local and the fire service. However, it appears the paraglider pilot had died upon impact.

It was a Guardia Civil helicopter that recovered the body, which was lying in an area of diffiult access.

There was a similar, fatal accident involving a paraglider pilot in March 2016 next to the same road leading up to a very popular hotel-spar with natural thermal baths.

(News: Pechina, Metropolitan Area, Almeria, Andalucia)

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