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A man, resident of Costa Tropical, was incensed when his girlfriend received a friend request on Facebook and allegedly beat her up.

The thing is that he was wearing a tracking, ankle bracelet owing to having physically attacked his Ex; the device was to make sure he kept his distance from her. In fact, he had already been found guilty on two counts of gender violence.

But now, with his new girlfriend, he reportedly had another fit of violence over such an inoffensive situation. At first he sent her social-media messages, insulting her, but when she responded telling him to leave her alone, he allegedly attacked her, slapping her around. This occurred in June this year.

Fortunately, a mutual friend appeared and separated them, and kept guard whilst she packed a few things and they both left.

Furthermore, a previous court decision, which found him guilty and sentenced him to two-years-&-two-months’ incarceration, has been ratified after the accused’s defence lawyer filed an appeal, arguing that there had been procedural errors in the trial and demanded that the verdict be overthrown – the defence lawyer argued that she had waited too long to report the incident.

Another point to be included was that there had also been another violent incident against the victim but it had not been included in the trial, which if it had been, the sentence would have been much more severe.

The tribunal judges rejected the appeal pointing out that in the majority of cases victims of gender violence take a while to pluck up the courage and come forward.

Editorial comment: reading between the lines, the defence law submitted the appeal, not because he thought his client to be innocent, but because of a supposed technicality loophole. In other words, he was willing to have this dangerous person out and about where he could cause more harm, rather than lose a case, it appears.

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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