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The Guardia Civil raided the home of a 72-year-old man in a small town within the Guadix area and uncovered a small arsenal.

However, it wasn’t the first time that the man had been caught with a spot of fire power: in 2016 after a police raid he was found to have a rifle, a stolen shotgun which he had made into a sawn-off, three revovers, three pistols and 2,800 rounds of ammunition of different calibres.

Back to the present day and the Guardia Civil had heard rumours that this individual had returned to hoarding fire arms, so they obtained a search warrant from a judge and raided his home again.

This time the haul was more modest: a .44 revolver (with no serial number) a stolen .38 revolver (an Astra) a shotgun with its barrels and stock shortened and a pen pistol, which is a forbidden firearm. He also had a carbine and an assortment of ammunition of several calibres.

Lastly, he also had gunpowder and the necessary tools to refill his own cartridges.

Despite this collection of arms, the police do no consider that they were destined for the arms, black market nor for the use of committing crimes. However, the weapons have been sent off to a forensic lab to make sure that none of them have been used at a crime scene.

(News: Guadix, Granada, Andalusia)

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