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A resident of Jayena was shot dead whilst working on his land by two men on Monday.

Guardia Civil Post in Jayen

There were other people working on his property when the murder took place but the killers warned them to keep quiet about what they had seen.

The victim was 40 years old, according to the Guardia Civil, with a 1-year-old son and whose wife is days away from giving birth to their second child.

As for the aggressors, who are also residents of Jayena and have criminal records, they were soon arrested that same afternoon because they hadn’t even attempted to hide their faces to avoid identification. The police have not ruled out more arrests.

The body of the victim was taken to the Institute of legal medicine in Granada to await an autopsy.

(News: Jayena, Alhama, Poniente de Granada, Granada, Andalusia)

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