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Whilst politicians across the Costa Tropical, especially mayors, are promising a cheese-flavoured Moon, public sectors are out protesting against real problems in the streets.

In Motril this morning members of the Policía Local and Firefighters were out protesting about working conditions, right in the middle of the electoral campaign… where it hurts.

Around 300 such personnel were out, participating in a motorised protest; i.e., on motorbikes, etc, threading through some of the town’s main streets.

What they are demanding is that the Town Hall carries out measures that it has already agreed to but is dragging its feet over. Such measure include salary increases along the lines of other such bodies within the province. They are also demanding that the Town Hall carries out what it has been ordered to do in a judicial decision, regarding promotions with the fire service.

The protest began as 12 noon, starting from the Aurora Square. Protesters on electric scooters, motorbikes and bicycles weaved their way through the town end up in the Spain Square (Town Hall Square). They were armed with fireworks (bangers), whistles and aerosol-powered foghorns.

There was a tense moment when they passed through the Plaza de Las Palmeraswhere the Mayor’s party (PP) had set up a small marquee. The party members inside where thoroughly booed.

Lastly, the protest organisers were backed from members of other municipal police forces and fire services from the around the province

Editorial comment: ouch!

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalusia)

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