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A bystander tipped the police off that a taxi driver was completely drunk but was intent upon driving his vehicle.

The incident took place around 19.00h last Wednesday in Fuengirola and ended with the Policía Local breathalysing the taxi driver and finding him to be five times over the limit.

The bystander had seen the minibus-sized taxi being driven erratically along Calle Capitán. In fact, the driver had already collided with several bollards and a parked bike.

By the time that the police arrived on Captain Street, the taxi had already driven off but the police didn’t take long in tracking him down to a parking area near the marina.

His driving was so erratic that several people had stopped him and opened the driver’s door to prevent him from driving off again. This was the scene when the police arrived at the marina.

As mentioned above, the breathalyser test showed that he was just under five times over the limit; he gave a reading of 1.16 Gr/L when the limit is 0.25 Gr/L of expelled air.

The taxi was immobilised and the driver carted off to the police station to be charged.

(News: Fuengirola, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalusia)

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