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A drunk driver had to be pulled out of the rubble by police officers after his car hit a building.

The accident occurred in the early hours of the 24th of February in Cúllar Vega when the 54-year-old driver slammed into a brick, irrigation hut in an area known as the Fords Bridge. The driver had been exiting the A-92G .

Being made of breeze blocks, the impact brought part of the wall down, jamming the doors so the driver couldn’t get out.

The Guardia Civil officers managed to clear away enough rubble to get him out but they soon noticed that he showed clear signs of having been drinking.

At the time of the accident he refused to take a breathalyser test, which is mandatory in the case of a road accident. This, in itself, is a chargeable offence, even if the driver is not over the limit.

An ambulance took him to the traumatology hospital in Granada, where a blood sample was taken, giving a positive reading.

(News: Cullar Vega, Vega, Granada, Andalusia)

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