Drug Bust at Granada Airport

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The Guardia Civil arrested two women at Granada Airport when it was found that they had diluted cocaine hidden in cosmetic containers.

The women, aged 25 and 28, had flown in to the Federico García Lorca Granada-Jaén Airport from Madrid with four and a half kilos of this narcotic substance in eleven cosmetic containers on the 3rd of January.

The customs police had rumbled them because of their “nervous disposition,” in other words, they were as suspicious as hell.

Their chances of getting through undetected were not helped by the inordinate amount of baggage that they were travelling with.

The officers on duty at the airport pay special attention to any flight from Madrid that could have been a connection flight with an international one. They check all the passengers, in these cases, regardless of whether they state “nothing to declare” or not.

(News: Granada Airport, Vega Granada, Andalusia)

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