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A young couple left two children orphaned after a road accident that took the life of the mother, followed by the father taking his own life.

The road accident occurred on the A-44 within the municipality of Villamena near Dúrcal when they were returning to the coast where they lived on Playa Granada, Motril. He was driving when he had to swerve to avoid an obstacle, losing control of the vehicle, resulting in the car leaving the road and plunging down a three-metre embankment.

The mother suffered a bad head injury in the impact so he tried to bring her round but to no avail after phoning 112 around 20.00h Saturday evening. When the ambulance arrived she was already dead.

He was barely injured in the crash and made his way to Motril where they lived with their daughters aged 12 and 15. The daughters had been taken to their maternal grandparents’ home. He told his in-laws that he was going home to collect clothing for the girls from their family home, but he never returned because within hours he had taken his own life.

Motril has been rocked by this double blow, as they were both very well known; 39-year-old, Encarni worked for a home-security company and 41-year-old José was a traffic policeman for the Guardia Civil, stationed in Málaga.

Encarni was to be buried yesterday but it was postponed until today so that she could be buried together with her husband.

Rest in peace.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalusia)

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