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The Guardia Civil have made two arrests in regards to the attack on the 5-year-old by a dog that had already attacked a child on a previous occasion.

Their environmental branch, Seprona, (Nature Protection Service) arrested the dog’s owner, charged with the grevious bodily harm of a minor and disobeying judicial instructions; i.e., the dog should have remained inside the kennel and not “taken out for a walk,” especially without a muzzle.

The owner of the kennel in Ventas de Huelma who was supposed to keep the dog locked up until a decision had been made concerning its fate, was also charged with disobedience of lawful authority. The partner of the dog owner is under investigation and could be charged at a later date.

The Rottweiler was sent to the said kennel on the 7th of November following an incident that saw it attacking a mother and her small child in Armilla on the 21st of October. The owner of the Delagos Kennels had been given strict judicial instructions to not permit access to the animal under any circumstance. However on the 6th of this month they had given permission for the dog’s owner to take her dog for a walk outside the kennel, in clear violation of the court’s instructions.

After being formally arrested and taken to the police station they were released. However, the dog, despite two separate attacks against minors remains in the kennel.

(News: Sale of Huelma, Poniente, Granada, Andalusia)

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