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The wildfires in Canada might seem like a distant event, but it’s not, as we have smoke from the fires over Andalucía at the moment.

haze; dust particles suspended in the air brought over from North Africa (the Sahara), left an impressive mark upon us last year. so having our atmosphere above us laced with tiny particles is no unheard of phenomenon.

Whereas sand from nearby North Africa is one thing, smoke from Canada… that certainly will raise a few eyebrows.

Or should we remember the ash from an Icelandic volcano ruining holiday flights?

Anyway, four hundred fires raging in Canada have have made their existence felt in our skies and probably brought the temperatures down a tiny bit.

José Miguel Viñas, a meteorologist working for Meteored (www.tiempo.com) pointed out that the smoke had hitched a lift on the polar air stream and crossed from North America to Europe in waves between six and eight kilometres up, affecting primarily Galicia at first, moving across the the centre of Spain before arriving down here yesterday. By today, however, it will have moved off over the Med.

(News: Andalucia)

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