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Fire services are renowned for rescuing cats stuck up trees but the Granada one went one better and rescued a dog trapped on a cragy outcrop.

It was not a case of rescuing somebody’s dog after they phoned for help, because it was a stray dog that could neither go up or come down from its perch on the Riscos de los Alayosin the municipality of Dílar.

It had been accompanied by another stray, which didn’t have any problem getting down.

A hiker phoned the fire service and a crew from the Northern Fire Station in the city decided to rescue the mutt.

Once there, they summed up the situation and decided that the only way to reach the animal and get it down was by using a series of ropes and tackle.

The dog hadn’t walked to the spot where it was trapped but had slipped down because the surface was lose and was lucky enough to come to a halt before a fall.

The fire personnel took about two hours to set up their equipment, reach the dog without scaring it, and getting it down to safety.

The other dog, by the way, had remained nearby and watched the rescue, so both dogs were loaded into the fire vehicle and taken back to the station. Neither had chips, so they took both dogs to an animal refuge association.

(News: Dilar, Vega de Granada, Andalusia)

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