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Motril fire service carried out an extraction several floors up in a block of flats on Wednesday – a man with mobiliy probelms had to be taken to hospital.

Curious onlookers watched as the extending ladder deployed with its platform at the extremity. Waiting at a 3rd-storey window were more fire personnel and medical staff, preparing to pass the 68-year-old man out to the platform, once it was in position.

The problem had been that the building doesn’t have a lift; hence the window and ladder being used for this ‘extraction’ ten metres above the pavement.

This all happened around 14.00h on Tuesday, which was when the fire station received a call from the Andalusian Health Servicerequesting their assistance. The fire service often receives requests of this kind from the health authorities.

Accordingly, a crew of six fire personnel was despatched to Alcazar de Toledo street to get the obese gentleman out of his bed and into an ambulance so that he could be operated on at Santa Ana Hospital.

The whole process lasted two and a half hours, most of which time was taken up by planning whilst the actual manoeuvre took 45 minutes. Quite a lot of furniture had to be shifted out of the way and the patient had to be sedated because he was understandably nervous about exiting the window, three storeys up.

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