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Thanks to celebrities on social media using a drug meant for people with diabetes but using it instead to lose weight, there is a shortage in Granada city.

Online influencers here in Spain have had the gullible out in droves, buying up supplies in the city of Granada and emptying pharmacies of this drug, leaving diabetes sufferers desperate to find supplies.

In Spain, medication is sold in two forms: injections under the name Ozempic, Saxenda and Trulicity; and orally (Rybelsus). Neither form is available at the moment. In fact, they have sold twice the amount as during 2021… and the number of diabetes sufferers has certainly not doubled!

These drugs are used by patients with type-2 diabetes or those that are obese. They stimulate the pancreas to increase insulin levels; diminishes glucose in the blood and aids gastric processing – it cuts down on the time in the stomach before moving on to the intestines.

It therefore increases the sensation of having eaten enough because digestion through the intestines is much slower.

You can see why people are using these drugs to lose weight, therefore.

(News: Granada, Andalucia)

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