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The PM for the Junta de Andalucía says that the SAS is on maximum alert because of the number of cases coming out of China.

PM Juanma Moreno said that he is confident that the 20,000,000 vaccinations administered in Andalucía should give adquate protection but it is best to keep the guard up.

For this reason, the Andalusian Health Service and the Epidemiological Centerss in the region are on maximum alert just in case there is a massive influx of cases over the New Year and January.

The Minister of Health for the Central Government, Carolina Darias, said that passengers arriving from China would have to produce a negative test result or a certificate for a complete series of vaccinations.

The worry is that the country’s largest airports (Madrid, Barceona & Málaga etc) could serve as bridgeheads for a mutation variant of Covid 19, which the present vaccines available might not be effective.

For this reason the Andalusian PM demands that the Central Government keeps autonomic authorities up-to-date on all developments.

Editorial comment: It does seem like a replay of 2019 but this time round health authorities are much better prepared, as is the majority of the population owing to herd immunisation through vaccines and acquired natural defences after having caught Covid previously.

(News: Andalucia)

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