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The First Councillor for Carchuna-Calahonda has come out in defence of the telephone post planted in the middle of a road.

Councillor Conchi Abarca explained that the “work has not been signed off,” and is less than please with the “bad faith” of the opposition party who took it to the press.

She said that when the work is finished on Palimocho street and the post has not been removed from this temporary location she will demand explanations from the building company. The work is scheduled to be completed this month.

As temporary as this situation may be, it has already been there for two weeks. It is also a problem that Telefónica has to sort out.

At the moment Urbanization of the Chucha is undergoing a lot of roadworks, without underground infrastructure being changed and street retarmacked.

Editorial comment: she reiterated that the PSOE opposition party could have approached the Town Hall Surveyor for information instead of going to the press. However, had the boot been on the other foot, her party would have done exactly the same.

(News: Carchuna/Calahonda, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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