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Couples often choose a Rolls or vintage car on their wedding day, but one bridegroom decided that he would use a combine harvester to arrive at the church.

This original, wedding entrance took place in the Valle del Zalabí (Guadix) in August but has only just become a viral video on social media.

Bridegroom, Ventura Delgado, has been riding this piece of farm machinery since being knee high to a grass hopper on his father’s land; first sitting beside his father before being allowed to actually operate it when he became a little older. So, naturally, what better way to whisk your bride away!

In fact, it was in honour of his late father that he decide to shed the vehicle of its nasty bits at the front and decorate it accordingly for this important journey: white, party balloons, wedding figures attached to the back and the front adorned with a large banner announcing the names of those about to be wed.

Few of the wedding guests knew that he would be arriving on Thunderbirds 2so they were suitably surprised to see him and his mother turn up, high up in the driving compartment.

Of course, you can’t trundle 15 kilometres along roads between Acadia and Guadix without first obtaining special permission from the police – some streets had to be temporarily closed to traffic whilst he made his way through to the very door of Guadix Cathedral were the ceremony was to take place.

(News: Zalabí Valley, Guadix Montes Orientales, Granada, Andalucia)

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