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The Guardia Civil are not happy with two individuals, one aged 19 and the other 22, after they injured officers in two separate incidents.

The first incident occurred on the 30th of October on the A-338 where it goes through the municipality of Las Gabias.

The Guardia Civil officers had set up a drugs-&-alcohol, spot check. The driver of one vehicle, the 19-year old, had been pulled over and was breathalysed and checked for drugs usage through the driver’s door window — he gave a positive reading. Before the officer could tell him to get out of the car, he sped off, dragging the officer several meters, causing injuries to his arms and legs.

The second incident took place on the 5th of this month on the N-323 where it passes through Alhendín (near Granada).

Again, it involved a police, check point for drugs and alcohol. This time, the driver when waved down decided to take no notice and speed past. Although the officer tried to get out of the way, the wing mirror clipped him on the hip causing a minor injury.

The Research and Analysis Group belonging to the Guardia Civil in Granada opened an investigation into the first incident to track down the driver but their investigations were widened when the second incident occurred. The 19-year-old wasn’t driving his own car at the time, but one belonging to a relative, which complicated the investigation.

The 22-year old, on the other hand, was arrested shortly after the incident because the second officer set off after him in his patrol vehicle, catching up with him before the driver had reached his home in Las Gabias.

Both men can face prison sentences of between six months and three years.

(News: Las Gabias/Alhendin, Vega, Granada, Andalusia)

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