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Despite experts agreeing that summer-winter clock-changing was counterproductive, we are to continue with the charade, it seems.

However, there are some changes, starting next year. The next one this year will be the spring equinox at the end of march; i.e., in the early hours of Sunday the 26th when  02.00h will magically (annoyingly) become 03.00h.

Nevertheless, next year, it won’t fall until the 31st of March and the year after, the 30th of March and then 2026 it will fall on Sunday the 29th.

The Central Government hasn’t made any previsions beyond 2026 so there is some hope that it will be the last year that we fart around with the clocks.

The fact is that experts have advised the Government to stop changing the clocks around, amongst them, the ARHOE-National Commission for the Rationalization of Spanish Scheduleswho reject continuing with the system because of its negative impact on people’s health, as well as being economic nonsense, as there are no savings.

In 2018 the European Parliament voted on the possibility of stopping the clock changes each equinox, which had been put forward by Finland. However, the motion was rejected: 385 votes against to 153 in favour.

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