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The problems within Almuñécar’s municipal police deepens with the resignation of the Chief of Police.

It was during this summer, on the 1st of July, that Juan José Medina was sworn in following the previous Chief of Police, Manuel Ledesma, retiring, after serving 37 years in the force.

The new Chief said that he was resigning after only four months “for personal reasons.” At the same time, one of the officers lodged a complaint about alleged irregularities when granting holidays (leave) and favouritism towards several officers in the municipal police.

Furthermore, two unions; the CSIF and the UGT have also lodged complaints, and according to one of these entities, another officer had lodged a complaint before the Work Inspector, the Town Hall and is taking his ex-superior, Medina, to court, claiming that he was being victimised by him. Another officer is also suing him for publishing sensitive, private conversations.

One of these officers was complaining that his boss wouldn’t let him have time off in order to spend it with his 18-month daughter, whereas the previous Chief had.

Editorial comment: It goes on but we will leave it there because readers will have got the picture about the state of the municipal police force.

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